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[mis-hap, mis-hap] /ˈmɪs hæp, mɪsˈhæp/

an unfortunate accident.
an unfortunate accident
bad luck

early 14c., “bad luck, unlucky accident,” from mis- (1) “bad” + hap “luck.” Probably on analogy of Old French meschance (see mischance (n.)).

An early system on the IBM 1130.
[Listed in CACM 2(5):16, May 1959].


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  • Mishappen

    v. early 14c., from mis- (1) + happen. Related: Mishappened; mishappening.

  • Mishawaka

    [mish-uh-waw-kuh] /ˌmɪʃ əˈwɔ kə/ noun 1. a city in N Indiana, near South Bend.

  • Misheal

    (Josh. 19:26), a town of Asher, probably the same as Mishal.

  • Mishear

    [mis-heer] /mɪsˈhɪər/ verb (used with object), misheard, mishearing. 1. to hear incorrectly or imperfectly: to mishear a remark. /ˌmɪsˈhɪə/ verb -hears, -hearing, -heard 1. to fail to hear correctly v. Old English mishieran, mishyran “to disobey;” see mis- (1) + hear. Sense of “to hear incorrectly” first recorded early 13c. Related: Misheard; mishearing.

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