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[mis-oh-kahy-nee-uh, -key-, mahy-soh-] /ˌmɪs oʊˈkaɪ ni ə, -ˈkeɪ-, ˌmaɪ soʊ-/

an abnormal aversion to anything new.


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  • Misogamy

    [mi-sog-uh-mee, mahy-] /mɪˈsɒg ə mi, maɪ-/ noun 1. hatred of marriage. /mɪˈsɒɡəmɪ; maɪ-/ noun 1. hatred of marriage n. “hatred of marriage,” 1650s, from Modern Latin misogamia, from Greek misogamos “hating marriage;” see miso- + -gamy. misogamy mi·sog·a·my (mĭ-sŏg’ə-mē) n. Hatred of marriage. mis’o·gam’ic (mĭs’ə-gām’ĭk) adj. mi·sog’a·mist n.

  • Misogynic

    [mi-soj-uh-nis-tik, mahy‐] /mɪˌsɒdʒ əˈnɪs tɪk, maɪ‐/ adjective 1. reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women. [mi-soj-uh-nee, mahy-] /mɪˈsɒdʒ ə ni, maɪ-/ noun 1. hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women. /mɪˈsɒdʒɪnɪ; maɪ-/ noun 1. hatred of women n. 1650s, from Modern Latin misogynia, from Greek misogynia, from misogynes “woman-hater,” […]

  • Misogynism

    [mi-soj-uh-niz-uh m, mahy-] /mɪˈsɒdʒ əˌnɪz əm, maɪ-/ noun 1. . n. 1830, from misogyny + -ism.

  • Misogynist

    [mi-soj-uh-nist, mahy‐] /mɪˈsɒdʒ ə nɪst, maɪ‐/ noun 1. a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women. n. 1610s, from Greek misogynes “woman-hater” (see misogyny).

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