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[noun mis-pley, mis-pley; verb mis-pley] /noun mɪsˈpleɪ, ˈmɪsˌpleɪ; verb mɪsˈpleɪ/ Sports, Games.

a wrong or bad .
a prohibited by the rules.
verb (used with object)
to make an error or incorrect on or with; wrongly:
The catcher misplayed the ball, allowing the base runner to score.
to make a on or with (a card, chess piece, etc.) prohibited by the rules.
(transitive) to play badly or wrongly in games or sports: the batsman misplayed the ball
a wrong or unskilful play

1889 in baseball context, from mis- (1) + play (n.). As a verb from 1824 (originally in music; 1842 in games). Related: Misplayed; misplaying.


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