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[reg-yuh-leyt] /ˈrɛg yəˌleɪt/

verb (used with object), regulated, regulating.
to control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.:
to regulate household expenses.
to adjust to some standard or requirement, as amount, degree, etc.:
to regulate the temperature.
to adjust so as to ensure accuracy of operation:
to regulate a watch.
to put in good order:
to regulate the digestion.
verb (transitive)
to adjust (the amount of heat, sound, etc, of something) as required; control
to adjust (an instrument or appliance) so that it operates correctly
to bring into conformity with a rule, principle, or usage

early 15c., “adjust by rule, control,” from Late Latin regulatus, past participle of regulare “to control by rule, direct,” from Latin regula “rule” (see regular). Meaning “to govern by restriction” is from 1620s. Related: Regulated; regulating.

regulate reg·u·late (rěg’yə-lāt’)
v. reg·u·lat·ed, reg·u·lat·ing, reg·u·lates

reg’u·la’tive or reg’u·la·to’ry (-lə-tôr’ē) adj.
reg’u·la’tor n.


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