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[root, rout] /rut, raʊt/

a course, way, or road for passage or travel:
What’s the shortest route to Boston?
a customary or regular line of passage or travel:
a ship on the North Atlantic route.
a specific itinerary, round, or number of stops regularly visited by a person in the performance of his or her work or duty:
a newspaper route; a mail carrier’s route.
verb (used with object), routed, routing.
to fix the route of:
to route a tour.
to send or forward by a particular route:
to route mail to its proper destination.
go the route, Informal.

the choice of roads taken to get to a place
a regular journey travelled
(capital) (US) a main road between cities: Route 66
(mountaineering) the direction or course taken by a climb
(med) the means by which a drug or agent is administered or enters the body, such as by mouth or by injection: oral route
verb (transitive) routes, routing, routeing, routed
to plan the route of; send by a particular route

early 13c., from Old French rute “road, way, path” (12c.), from Latin rupta (via) “(a road) opened by force,” from rupta, fem. past participle of rumpere “to break” (see rupture (n.)). Sense of “fixed or regular course for carrying things” (cf. mail route) is 1792, an extension of the meaning “customary path of animals” (early 15c.).

1890, from route (n.). Related: Routed; routing.


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