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Mister blewit

noun phrase

A man who has failed in some effort (1987+ Canadian)


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  • Mister-charlie

    noun, Older Slang: Usually Disparaging and Offensive. 1. a term used to refer to a white person. 2. a term used to refer to white people collectively. noun phrase A white man; the MAN (1960+ Black)

  • Mister fixit

    noun phrase A person who can and does repair, adjudicate, resolve, etc, difficulties: has earned a reputation as an ingenious Mr Fixit/ Peter Ueberroth, the Mr Fixit of the 1984 Olympics, was called upon to save Los Angeles even as the fires were raging

  • Mister clean

    modifier : Ramos operated in the cutthroat Marcos administration and emerged with his Mr Clean reputation largely intact noun phrase A man, esp a politician, unsullied by suspicion of corruption or bad character; dudley do-right: a female version of a managerial Mr Clean (1970s+) [fr the trademark name of a household detergent]

  • Mister happy

    noun phrase The penis; cock, dork: Is Mr. Happy taking longer to snap back to attention? Sexually speaking, a man is never what he used to be (1980+ Students)

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