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[mith-ruh-iz-uh m] /ˈmɪθ rəˌɪz əm/

an ancient Persian religion in which was worshiped, involving secret rituals to which only men were admitted: a major competitor of Christianity in the Roman empire during the 2nd and 3rd centuries a.d.
the ancient Persian religion of Mithras. It spread to the Roman Empire during the first three centuries ad


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  • Mithras

    [mith-ras] /ˈmɪθ ræs/ noun, Persian Mythology. 1. the god of light and truth, later of the sun. /ˈmɪθræs/ noun 1. (Persian myth) the god of light, identified with the sun, who slew a primordial bull and fertilized the world with its blood Persian god of light, 1550s, from Latin, from Greek Mithras, from Avestan Mithra-, […]

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    given by Mithra, or dedicated to Mithra, i.e., the sun, the Hebrew form of the Greek name Mithridates. (1.) The “treasurer” of King Cyrus (Ezra 1:8). (2.) Ezra 4:7, a Persian officer in Samaria.

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    [mith-ri-deyt] /ˈmɪθ rɪˌdeɪt/ noun, Old Pharmacology. 1. a confection believed to contain an antidote to every poison. /ˈmɪθrɪˌdeɪt/ noun 1. (obsolete) a substance believed to be an antidote to every poison and a cure for every disease n. “antidote against poison,” from Medieval Latin mithridatum, from Late Latin mithridatium, neuter of Mithridatius “pertaining to Mithridates,” […]

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    [mith-ri-dey-tiz-uh m] /ˈmɪθ rɪˌdeɪ tɪz əm/ noun 1. the production of immunity against the action of a poison by taking the poison in gradually increased doses. /ˈmɪθrɪdeɪˌtɪzəm/ noun 1. immunity to large doses of poison by prior ingestion of gradually increased doses mithridatism mith·ri·da·tism (mĭth’rĭ-dā’tĭz’əm) n. Tolerance or immunity to a poison acquired by taking […]

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