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[mit-i-geyt] /ˈmɪt ɪˌgeɪt/

verb (used with object), mitigated, mitigating.
to lessen in force or intensity, as wrath, grief, harshness, or pain; moderate.
to make less severe:
to mitigate a punishment.
to make (a person, one’s state of mind, disposition, etc.) milder or more gentle; mollify; appease.
verb (used without object), mitigated, mitigating.
to become milder; lessen in severity.
to make or become less severe or harsh; moderate

early 15c., “relieve (pain),” from Latin mitigatus, past participle of mitigare “soften, make tender, ripen, mellow, tame,” figuratively, “make mild or gentle, pacify, soothe,” ultimately from mitis “gentle, soft” (from PIE *mei- “mild”) + root of agere “do, make, act” (see act). First element is from PIE root *mei- “soft, mild.” Related: Mitigated; mitigating; mitigates.

mitigate mit·i·gate (mĭt’ĭ-gāt’)
v. mit·i·gat·ed, mit·i·gat·ing, mit·i·gates
To moderate in force or intensity.
mit’i·ga’tion n.
mit’i·ga’tive or mit’i·ga·to’ry (-gə-tôr’ē) adj.


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