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Mitre block

a block of wood with slots for cutting mitre joints with a saw


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  • Mitre box

    noun 1. an open-ended box with sides having narrow slots to guide a saw in cutting mitre joints

  • Mitre corporation

    body A US federally funded R&D center, spun off in 1958 from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory (also an FFRDC). MITRE is a non-profit corporation chartered to do R&D in the public interest. MITRE were responsible for system engineering and implementation oversight of SAGE. MITRE does not stand for MIT Research and Engineering, though it could […]

  • Mitred

    [mahy-ter] /ˈmaɪ tər/ noun, verb (used with object), mitred, mitring. Chiefly British. 1. . [mahy-ter] /ˈmaɪ tər/ noun 1. the official headdress of a bishop in the Western Church, in its modern form a tall cap with a top deeply cleft crosswise, the outline of the front and back resembling that of a pointed arch. […]

  • Mitre gear

    noun 1. one of a pair of similar bevel gears or shafts at right angles to each other having a pitch cone angle of 45°

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