[mit-l-oi-roh-pah] /ˌmɪt l ɔɪˈroʊ pɑ/

noun, German.
Central Europe.

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  • Mittelland canal

    /German ˈmɪtəllant/ noun 1. a canal in Germany, linking the Rivers Rhine and Elbe. Length: 325 km (202 miles)

  • Mittelschmerz

    [mit-l-shmairts] /ˈmɪt lˌʃmɛərts/ noun 1. dull abdominal pain occurring at the time of ovulation, attributed to the presence of free blood in the peritoneal cavity from the ruptured ovarian follicle. mittelschmerz mit·tel·schmerz (mĭt’l-shmûrts’, -shměrts’) n. Abdominal pain occurring at the time of ovulation, resulting from irritation of the peritoneum by bleeding from the ovulation site. […]

  • Mitten

    [mit-n] /ˈmɪt n/ noun 1. a hand covering enclosing the four fingers together and the thumb separately. 2. (def 4). /ˈmɪtən/ noun 1. a glove having one section for the thumb and a single section for the other fingers Sometimes shortened to mitt 2. (slang) a boxing glove n. late 14c., from Old French mitaine […]

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    [meetuh-rahn; English mee-tuh-rahn, -rand, mit-uh-] /mitəˈrɑ̃; English ˈmi təˌrɑ̃, -ˌrænd, ˈmɪt ə-/ noun 1. François (Maurice Marie) [frahn-swa maw-rees ma-ree] /frɑ̃ˈswa mɔˈris maˈri/ (Show IPA), 1916–96, French political leader: president 1981–95. /French mitɛrɑ̃/ noun 1. François Maurice Marie (frɑ̃swa mɔris mari). 1916–96, French statesman; first secretary of the socialist party (1971–95); president (1981–95)

  • Mittimus

    [mit-uh-muh s] /ˈmɪt ə məs/ noun, plural mittimuses. Law. 1. a warrant of commitment to prison. 2. a writ for removing a suit or a record from one court to another. /ˈmɪtɪməs/ noun (pl) -muses 1. (law) a warrant of commitment to prison or a command to a jailer directing him to hold someone in […]

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