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(in sound recording) the transfer of a multitrack master mix to two-track stereo tape


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  • Mixed

    [mikst] /mɪkst/ adjective 1. put together or formed by . 2. composed of different constituents or elements: a mixed form of government. 3. of different kinds combined: mixed nuts; mixed emotions. 4. involving or comprised of persons of different sex, class, ethnicity, religion, etc.: mixed company; a mixed neighborhood; a mixed marriage. 5. Law. involving […]

  • Mixed-acid

    noun, Chemistry. 1. any mixture of nitric acid and sulfuric acid, used as a nitrating agent in the manufacture of explosives, plastics, etc.

  • Mixed agglutination reaction

    mixed agglutination reaction n. A test to identify isoantigens in which the aggregates formed by agglutination contain two different kinds of cells having common antigenic determinants. Also called mixed agglutination test.

  • Mixed aphasia

    mixed aphasia n. Motor and sensory aphasia.

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