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[miz-uh l] /ˈmɪz əl/ South Midland and Southern U.S.

verb (used with or without object), mizzled, mizzling.
to rain in fine drops; drizzle; mist.
mist or drizzle.
[miz-uh l] /ˈmɪz əl/
verb (used without object), mizzled, mizzling. British Slang.
to disappear or leave suddenly.
[miz-uh l] /ˈmɪz əl/
verb (used with object), mizzled, mizzling. South Midland and Southern U.S.
to confuse; muddle.
verb, noun
a dialect word for drizzle
(intransitive) (Brit, slang) to decamp


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