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Ml kit

The ML Kit is a straight translation of the Definition of Standard ML into a collection of Standard ML modules. For example, every inference rule in the Definition is translated into a small piece of Standard ML code which implements it. The translation has been done with as little originality as possible – even variable conventions from the Definition are carried straight over to the Kit. The Kit is intended as a tool box for those people in the programming language community who may want a self-contained parser or type checker for full Standard ML but do not want to understand the clever bits of a high-performance compiler. We have tried to write simple code and modular interfaces.
Version 1
interpreter, documentation
Nick Rothwell, David N. Turner, Mads Tofte , and Lars Birkedal at Edinburgh and Copenhagen Universities.
(ftp://ftp.diku.dk/diku/users/birkedal/). UK: ftp export/ml/mlkit/ from lfcs.ed.ac.uk


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