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Motor Neurone Disease Association


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  • Mnd

    motor neuron disease

  • Mocha-ware

    noun 1. a pottery ware of the late 18th through the early 20th centuries, ornamented with colored glaze worked into branchlike patterns by drops of a diffusing agent applied while the glaze is still wet.

  • Moche

    [moh-chee-kuh] /moʊˈtʃi kə/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a pre-Inca culture that flourished on the northern coast of Peru from the 3rd century b.c. to the 7th century a.d. and is especially noted for fine pottery vessels with stirrup spouts, some bearing drawings of all aspects of cultural life.

  • Mochis

    [moh-chee] /ˈmoʊ tʃi/ noun 1. cooked and pounded glutinous rice formed into various shapes and used to make traditional Japanese sweets and other dishes (often used attributively): mochi balls; mochi ice cream. [laws moh-chis, los; Spanish laws maw-chees] /lɔs ˈmoʊ tʃɪs, lɒs; Spanish lɔs ˈmɔ tʃis/ noun 1. a city in Sinaloa state, NW Mexico.

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