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[mob-kap] /ˈmɒbˌkæp/

a soft cloth cap with a full crown, fitting down over the ears and frequently tying beneath the chin, formerly worn indoors by women.
a woman’s large cotton cap with a pouched crown and usually a frill, worn esp during the 18th century Often shortened to mob

a type of woman’s indoor cap, 1795 (as simply mob, 1748), from cap (n.) + obsolete mob (n.) “negligent attire” (1660s), earlier “a strumpet” (earlier form mab, 1550s), related to obsolete verb mob “to tousle the hair, to dress untidily” (1660s), and perhaps ultimately from mop, but influenced by Mab as a female name. Dutch has a similar compound, mopmuts, but the relationship between it and the English word is uncertain.


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