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Mobile radio


a portable radio transceiver for broadcasting or communication, esp. for emergency or utilities services


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    [moh-beel, moh-beel] /moʊˈbil, ˈmoʊ bil/ noun 1. a seaport in SW Alabama at the mouth of the Mobile River. 2. a river in SW Alabama, formed by the confluence of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers. 38 miles (61 km) long. /ˈməʊbaɪl/ adjective 1. having freedom of movement; movable 2. changing quickly in expression: a mobile […]

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    processor (Official name 82430MX) A version of Intel’s Triton I processor chip set intended for mobile computers. Mobile Triton consists of one 82437MX and two 82438MX. [Special features?] (1996-04-03)

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    noun 1. a vehicle supplied with the basic equipment or materials necessary for a particular purpose, as for televising on location or being used as an x-ray or inoculation clinic. 2. a transceiver in a vehicle or carried by a person. noun a vehicle used to tour or patrol an area, such as a broadcasting […]

  • Mobilisation

    n. chiefly British English spelling of mobilization. For spelling, see -ize.

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