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Mobola plum


See mobola


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  • Mob scene

    noun a situation where a group of people is agitated or out of control noun phrase A very crowded place or occasion: And the secretaries soon report that the reception room is a mob scene (1922+ fr motion pictures)

  • Mobssl-uaf

    Merritt and Miller’s Own Block-Structured Simulation Language-Unpronounceable Acronym For. A l for interactive continuous simulation. [“MOBSSL – An Augmented Block Structured Continuous System Simulation Language for Digital and Hybrid Computers”, M.J. Merritt et al, Proc FJCC 35, AFIPS (Fall 1969)]. (1995-01-31)

  • Mobster

    [mob-ster] /ˈmɒb stər/ noun 1. a member of a criminal . /ˈmɒbstə/ noun 1. a US slang word for gangster n. 1916, from mob (n.) in the criminal sense + -ster. noun A member of a criminal grouping; a Mafioso; gangster: nickname he got from the mobsters (1917+)

  • Mob stocking

    noun an agricultural technique whereby a large herd of sheep or livestock is confined to an area to do intensive grazing Usage Note New Zealand

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