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another name for paraselene


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  • Mock lisp

    The Lisp used by the Gosling Emacs editor.

  • Mockney

    /ˈmɒknɪ/ noun 1. (often capital) a person who affects a cockney accent 2. an affected cockney accent adjective 3. denoting an affected cockney accent or a person who has one adjective, noun affected speech mocking a Cockney accent Word Origin mock ‘false’ + cockney Usage Note British colloquial

  • Mock-orange

    noun 1. Also called syringa. any of various shrubs belonging to the genus Philadelphus, of the saxifrage family, especially P. coronarius, a widely cultivated species having fragrant white flowers. 2. any of various other shrubs or trees having flowers or fruit resembling those of the orange, as the laurel cherry. noun 1. Also called syringa. […]

  • Mock-pendulum

    noun 1. a false pendulum bob attached to the balances of certain timepieces and visible through a slot in the dial or case.

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