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[mok-uh-ree] /ˈmɒk ə ri/

noun, plural mockeries.
ridicule, contempt, or derision.
a derisive, imitative action or speech.
a subject or occasion of derision.
an imitation, especially of a ridiculous or unsatisfactory kind.
a pretense; travesty:
a mockery of justice.
something absurdly or offensively inadequate or unfitting.
noun (pl) -eries
ridicule, contempt, or derision
a derisive action or comment
an imitation or pretence, esp a derisive one
a person or thing that is mocked
a person, thing, or action that is inadequate or disappointing

early 15c., from Old French moquerie “sneering, mockery, sarcasm” (13c.), from moquer (see mock (v.)).


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