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Do you mean modem?


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  • Modcal

    A version of HP-PASCAL enhanced with system programming constructs, used internally by HP. (1995-02-07)

  • Modded

    [mod] /mɒd/ Informal. noun 1. an act or instance of ; modification. verb (used with object), modded, modding. 2. to modify, especially a vehicle or mechanical part: The car was modded for speed and power. 3. Computers. /mɒd/ noun 1. (Brit) /mɒd/ noun 1. an annual Highland Gaelic meeting with musical and literary competitions /mɒd/ […]

  • Mode

    [mohd] /moʊd/ noun 1. a manner of acting or doing; method; way: modern modes of transportation. 2. a particular type or form of something: Heat is a mode of motion. 3. a designated condition or status, as for performing a task or responding to a problem: a machine in the automatic mode. 4. Philosophy. 5. […]

  • Mode bit

    A flag, usually in hardware, that selects between two (usually quite different) modes of operation. The connotations are different from flag bit in that mode bits are mainly written during a boot or set-up phase, are seldom explicitly read, and seldom change over the lifetime of an ordinary program. The classic example was the EBCDIC-vs.-ASCII […]

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