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to make ; give a new or character or appearance to:
to modernize one’s ideas; to modernize a kitchen.
to become ; adopt ways, views, etc.
Contemporary Examples

Some, Rand Paul and others, talk a little in general terms about how the party needs to “change” and “modernize.”
You’re in Denial if You Think Steve Israel Is Wrong About GOP Racism Michael Tomasky April 13, 2014

Two weeks ago, he travelled to Benghazi to review plans to establish a new cultural center and modernize a hospital.
Full Text of Obama’s Speech to the UN — Update: Video Added Justin Green September 24, 2012

Meanwhile, you must minimize and modernize your current digs to optimize your existing quality of life.
The Stars Predict Your Week Starsky + Cox September 9, 2011

One way to ensure this is to modernize our voter-registration system.
After Voter-ID Wars, What Next? A Truce Through Modernization. Lawrence Norden August 31, 2012

The only way out of this scenario is to reform and modernize the industry in the east of the country.
Is Ukraine Headed For Civil War? Will Cathcart February 24, 2014

Historical Examples

This is not at all improbable; but how does this modernize the object, when the gravel extends quite to the surface?
Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, July 1899 Various

They did not do very much; all that they really did was to modernize a little.
The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2 Henry Baerlein

He had no precedents by which to guide his steps, no example that he might modernize and follow.
H. R. Edwin Lefevre

No attempt has been made to correct or modernize the printed French.
Chantilly in History and Art Louise M. Richter

Up to a certain degree it therefore became necessary to modernize; but the difficulty was to find the golden mean.
Essays on Scandinavian Literature Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen

(transitive) to make modern in appearance or style: to modernize a room
(intransitive) to adopt modern ways, ideas, etc

1748, from modern + -ize, or from French moderniser. Related: Modernized; modernizing; modernizer.


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