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[moh] /moʊ/

a male given name, form of or .


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  • Moenie

    verb do not, must not Word Origin Afrikaans Usage Note often used in moenie panic/worry ‘don’t panic/worry’

  • Moer

    /muːr/ noun 1. the womb 2. a despicable person 3. the moer in, furious; enraged verb 4. (transitive) to attack (someone or something) violently

  • Moerae

    [mee-ree] /ˈmi ri/ plural noun, Classical Mythology. 1. the Fates.

  • Moers

    [mœrs] /mœrs/ noun 1. a city in North Rhine-Westphalia W Germany, in the Ruhr district. /German møːrs/ noun 1. a city in W Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia: coalmining centre. Pop: 107 903 (2003 est)

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