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[moo-ham-id, -hah-mid, moh-] /mʊˈhæm ɪd, -ˈhɑ mɪd, moʊ-/

(def 1).
(“the Conqueror”) 1430–81, sultan of Turkey 1451–81: conqueror of Constantinople 1453.
same as Muhammad
?1430–81, Ottoman sultan of Turkey (1451–81). He captured Constantinople (1453) and conquered large areas of the Balkans

former common English transliteration of Muhammad.

The worst of letting the learned gentry bully us out of our traditional Mahometan & Mahomet … is this: no sooner have we tried to be good & learnt to say, or at least write, Mohammed than they are fired with zeal to get us a step or two further on the path of truth, which at present seems likely to end in Muhammad with a dot under the h …. [H.W. Fowler, “A Dictionary of Modern English Usage,” 1926]

See Muhammad.


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