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[Sephardic Hebrew maw-hel; Ashkenazic Hebrew moh-heyl, moh-uh l, moi-; English moh-heyl] /Sephardic Hebrew mɔˈhɛl; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈmoʊ heɪl, ˈmoʊ əl, ˈmɔɪ-; English ˈmoʊ heɪl/

noun, plural mohalim
[Sephardic Hebrew, Ashkenazic Hebrew maw-hah-leem] /Sephardic Hebrew, Ashkenazic Hebrew ˌmɔ hɑˈlim/ (Show IPA). English, mohels. Hebrew.
the person who performs the circumcision in the Jewish rite of circumcising a male child on the eighth day after his birth.
/ˈmɔɛl; mɔɪl/
(Judaism) a man qualified to conduct circumcisions


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