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[moi-ruh] /ˈmɔɪ rə/

noun, plural Moirai
[moi-rahy] /ˈmɔɪ raɪ/ (Show IPA), for 1, 2.
Classical Mythology.

(often lowercase) (among ancient Greeks) a person’s fate or destiny.
a female given name.
plural noun (sing) Moira (ˈmɔɪrə)
the Moirai, the Greek goddesses of fate Roman counterparts the Parcae See Fates

fem. proper name, one of the Fates, from Greek Moira, literally “share, fate,” related to moros “fate, destiny, doom,” meros “part, lot,” meiresthai “to receive one’s share” (see merit (n.)).


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