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[moist] /mɔɪst/

adjective, moister, moistest.
moderately or slightly wet; damp.
(of the eyes) tearful.
accompanied by or connected with liquid or .
(of the air) having high humidity.
slightly damp or wet
saturated with or suggestive of moisture

late 14c., “moist, wet; well-irrigated,” from Old French moiste “damp, wet, soaked” (13c., Modern French moite), from Vulgar Latin *muscidus “moldy,” also “wet,” from Latin mucidus “slimy, moldy, musty,” from mucus “slime” (see mucus). Alternative etymology [Diez] is from Latin musteus “fresh, green, new,” literally “like new wine,” from musteum “new wine” (see must (n.1)). If this wasn’t the source, it influenced the form of the other word in Old French. Related: Moistly; moistness.


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  • Moist rale

    moist rale n. A bubbling sound heard on auscultation, caused by the pressure of a fluid secretion in the bronchial tubes or in a cavity.

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    [mois-cher] /ˈmɔɪs tʃər/ noun 1. condensed or diffused liquid, especially water: moisture in the air. 2. a small quantity of liquid, especially water; enough liquid to . /ˈmɔɪstʃə/ noun 1. water or other liquid diffused as vapour or condensed on or in objects n. mid-14c., from Old French moistour “moisture, dampness, wetness” (13c., Modern French […]

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  • Moisture-proofing

    noun, adjective application of a barrier or layer of material so that water is not absorbed; also written moisture proofing

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