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[moh-kee] /ˈmoʊ ki/

noun, plural Mokis (especially collectively) Moki.
(def 1).
noun (pl) mokis, moki
either of two edible sea fish of New Zealand, the blue cod (Percis colias) or the bastard trumpeter (Latridopsis ciliaris)


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  • Mokihi

    /ˈmɒkiːhiː/ noun (pl) mokihi 1. (NZ) a type of raft, usually made out of flax stems

  • Mokker

    noun the head of a gang or criminal organization Word Origin Yiddish makher ‘leader, swindler’ Usage Note slang

  • Moko

    /ˈməʊkəʊ/ noun (pl) mokos 1. (NZ) a Māori tattoo or tattoo pattern Also called nanua

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    /mɒkɒmɒkɒ/ noun (pl) mokomoko 1. a New Zealand skink, Leiolopisma zelandica

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