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noun, Thermodynamics.
the heat capacity of one mole of a substance.


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  • Molarity

    [moh-lar-i-tee] /moʊˈlær ɪ ti/ noun, Chemistry. 1. the number of moles of solute per liter of solution. /mɒˈlærɪtɪ/ noun 1. another name (not in technical usage) for concentration (sense 4) molarity mo·lar·i·ty (mō-lār’ĭ-tē) n. Abbr. M The molar concentration of a solution, usually expressed as the number of moles of solute per liter of solution.

  • Molar mass

    noun the mass of a molecule in grams per mole, the sum of the component atomic masses; molecular weight Examples Molar masses (in grams) are therefore numerically equal to formula weights (in amu).

  • Molars

    [moh-ler] /ˈmoʊ lər/ noun 1. Also called molar tooth. a tooth having a broad biting surface adapted for grinding, being one of twelve in humans, with three on each side of the upper and lower jaws. adjective 2. adapted for grinding, as teeth. 3. pertaining to such teeth. /ˈməʊlə/ noun 1. any of the 12 […]

  • Molar-volume

    noun, Chemistry. 1. the volume occupied by one mole of a gas, liquid, or solid.

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