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[mol-dey-vee-uh, -vyuh] /mɒlˈdeɪ vi ə, -vyə/

a region in NE Romania: formerly a principality that united with Wallachia to form Romania.
Capital: Jassy.
Official name Moldova. Formerly Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. a republic in SE Europe: formed in 1940 from the former republic of Moldavia and the ceded Romanian territory of Bessarabia. 13,100 sq. mi. (33,929 sq. km).
Capital: Kishinev.
another name for Moldova
a former principality of E Europe, consisting of the basins of the Rivers Prut and Dniester: the E part (Bessarabia) became Moldova; the W part remains a province of Romania

Latinized form of Moldova.


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