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Mole mapping

the procedure of using a digital camera to record the positions and appearances of moles on a person’s body so that regular checks will detect any changes that might lead to skin cancer


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  • Mole-plow

    noun 1. a plow typically having a pointed shoe at the end of a vertical support, for cutting a hollow drainage channel below the surface.

  • Mole-rat

    [mohl-rat] /ˈmoʊlˌræt/ noun 1. any of several eastern European burrowing rodents, especially those of the genus Spalax, having no tail, short limbs, and small eyes with permanently closed lids. 2. (def 2). noun 1. any burrowing molelike African rodent of the family Bathyergidae 2. any similar rodent, esp any member of the genus Spalax, of […]

  • Mole run

    noun 1. (usually pl) (informal) any part of a system of underground tunnels, rooms, etc, prepared for use in the event of nuclear war

  • Moleskin

    [mohl-skin] /ˈmoʊlˌskɪn/ noun 1. the soft, deep-gray, fragile fur of the . 2. a strong and heavy napped, twilled cotton fabric used for sportswear and work clothing. 3. moleskins, a garment, especially trousers, of this fabric. 4. a soft, usually adhesive-backed fabric applied to the feet or other areas of the body to prevent irritation […]

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