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[muh-lek-yuh-ler] /məˈlɛk yə lər/

of or relating to or caused by :
molecular structure.
/məʊˈlɛkjʊlə; mə-/
of or relating to molecules: molecular hydrogen
(logic) (of a sentence, formula, etc) capable of analysis into atomic formulae of the appropriate kind

1823, from molecule + -ar or else from French moléculaire or Modern Latin molecularis. Molecular biology first attested 1950.

molecular mo·lec·u·lar (mə-lěk’yə-lər)
Of, relating to, or consisting of molecules.


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  • Molecular layer of cerebellar cortex

    molecular layer of cerebellar cortex n. The outer layer of the cortex of the cerebellum, containing the cell bodies and dendrites of Purkinje cells, the axons of the granule cells, and the cell bodies, dendrites, and axons of basket cells.

  • Molecular-knife

    noun 1. a segment of genetic material that inhibits the reproduction of the AIDS virus by breaking up specific areas of the virus’s genes.

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    [muh-lek-yuh-lar-i-tee] /məˌlɛk yəˈlær ɪ ti/ noun, Chemistry. 1. the number of molecules or atoms that participate in an elementary process.

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