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[mol-it] /ˈmɒl ɪt/

2 .


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  • Mole-volume

    noun, Chemistry. 1. . noun, Chemistry. 1. the volume occupied by one mole of a gas, liquid, or solid.

  • Moliere

    [mohl-yair; French maw-lyer] /moʊlˈyɛər; French mɔˈlyɛr/ noun 1. (Jean Baptiste Poquelin) 1622–73, French actor and playwright. /French mɔljɛr/ noun 1. real name Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. 1622–73, French dramatist, regarded as the greatest French writer of comedy. His works include Tartuffe (1664), Le Misanthrope (1666), L’Avare (1668), Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (1670), and Le Malade imaginaire (1673) Molière […]

  • Molilalia

    [mol-uh-ley-lee-uh, -leyl-yuh] /ˌmɒl əˈleɪ li ə, -ˈleɪl yə/ noun 1. .

  • Molimen

    molimen mo·li·men (mə-lī’mən) n. pl. -lim·i·na (-lĭm’ə-nə) Abnormal strain or tension associated with a normal physiological function, especially menstruation.

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