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[mom-ee] /ˈmɒm i/

noun, plural mommies. Informal.
1 (defs 1, 2, 4).

1844, U.S. variant of mamma. Variant spelling mommie attested by 1882. Mommy track first attested 1987. Related: Mommies; also cf. momma.


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  • Mommy-porn

    noun, Informal. 1. sexually explicit or pornographic books, photos, videos, etc., that appeal to women, especially middle-aged women.

  • Mommy-track

    noun 1. a career path for women who are willing to forgo promotions, raises, etc., so as to spend more time with their children. /ˈmɒmɪ/ noun 1. (US) a path in life in which a woman devotes most of her time to her children and home rather than to her career noun phrase : Should […]

  • Momoyama

    [maw-maw-yah-mah] /ˈmɔ mɔˈyɑ mɑ/ noun 1. .

  • Mompos

    [mawm-paws] /mɔmˈpɔs/ noun 1. a city in NW Colombia, on the Magdalena.

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