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[muh-nan-dree] /məˈnæn dri/

the practice or condition of having one husband at a time.
(of a female animal) the condition of having one mate at a time.


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  • Monanthous

    [muh-nan-thuh s] /məˈnæn θəs/ adjective, Botany. 1. bearing one flower. /mɒˈnænθəs/ adjective 1. (of certain plants) having or producing only one flower

  • Mona-passage

    [moh-nuh; Spanish maw-nah] /ˈmoʊ nə; Spanish ˈmɔ nɑ/ noun 1. a strait between Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. 80 miles (129 km) wide. /ˈmaʊnə/ noun 1. a strait between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, linking the Atlantic with the Caribbean

  • Monarch-butterfly

    noun 1. a large, deep-orange butterfly, Danaus plexippus, having black and white markings, the larvae of which feed on the leaves of milkweed.

  • Monarchial

    [muh-nahr-kuh l] /məˈnɑr kəl/ adjective 1. pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a : monarchal pomp. 2. having the status of a .

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