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a hereditary sovereign, as a king, queen, or emperor.
a sole and absolute ruler of a state or nation.
a person or thing that holds a dominant position:
a monarch of international shipping.
Contemporary Examples

How does the assertion that the monarch rules “by the grace of Almighty God” square with the Trades Descriptions Act?
Feminism Doesn’t Fit the Monarchy Andrew Roberts October 28, 2011

The atmosphere of the nation adoring their monarch has evaporated.
Vladimir Putin Wins Russia Election, but It’s a Fragile Victory Owen Matthews, Anna Nemtsova March 3, 2012

This does not mean, he points out, that the monarch can’t ask searching questions and offer seasoned advice.
Abu Hamza Row: Why the Monarch Mustn’t Meddle Tom Sykes September 26, 2012

But the world doesn’t really care who the next British monarch is, John Avlon writes.
William and Kate’s Royal Wedding: Enough Already! John Avlon April 11, 2011

For some time, monarch Watch has recruited amateur trackers to help it monitor butterfly populations and document the migration.
Last Flight of the Monarchs? A Plea for Help for the Dying Butterflies Michael Daly February 13, 2014

Historical Examples

Constantine the Great was certainly a monarch of great devotion and intelligence.
A Short History of the World H. G. Wells

A difference which increases, rather than diminishes the monarch’s authority.
A Theological-Political Treatise [Part IV] Benedict of Spinoza

I’ll order one of Crankin’s “monarch” incubators and begin a poultry farm anew.
Adopting An Abandoned Farm Kate Sanborn

She knew where the monarch butterfly went on his winter migration.
Her Father’s Daughter Gene Stratton-Porter

This William II meant to make a noise in the world, a louder noise than any other monarch had ever made.
The Outline of History: Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind Herbert George Wells

a sovereign head of state, esp a king, queen, or emperor, who rules usually by hereditary right
a supremely powerful or pre-eminent person or thing
Also called milkweed. a large migratory butterfly, Danaus plexippus, that has orange-and-black wings and feeds on the milkweed plant: family Danaidae

mid-15c., from Middle French monarque (14c.) or directly from Late Latin monarcha, from Greek monarkhes “one who rules alone” (see monarchy). As a type of large butterfly, from 1890.


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