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[mon-as, moh-nas] /ˈmɒn æs, ˈmoʊ næs/

noun, plural monades
[mon-uh-deez] /ˈmɒn əˌdiz/ (Show IPA)
[moh-nuh] /ˈmoʊ nə/
a female given name.
/ˈmɒnæs; ˈməʊ-/
noun (pl) monades (ˈmɒnəˌdiːz)
another word for monad (sense 1), monad (sense 2)
a W African guenon monkey, Cercopithecus mona, with dark fur on the back and white or yellow underparts

fem. proper name, from Irish Muadhnait, diminutive of muadh “noble.”


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