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[mon-di-green] /ˈmɒn dɪˌgrin/

a word or phrase resulting from a mishearing of another word or phrase, especially in a song or poem.
a word or phrase that is misinterpreted as another word or phrase, usually with an amusing result


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  • Mondeo man

    /mɒnˈdeɪəʊ/ noun 1. (Brit, informal) a middle-class man, seen as typically driving a Ford Mondeo and preferring to do this rather than use public transport

  • Mondial

    /ˈmɒndɪəl/ adjective 1. of or involving the whole world

  • Mondini dysplasia

    Mondini dysplasia Mon·di·ni dysplasia (mŏn-dē’nē) n. A congenital abnormality of the structures of the inner ear causing partial or complete hearing loss.

  • Mondo

    [mon-doh] /mɒnˈdoʊ/ noun, plural mondos. Zen. 1. a question to a student for which an immediate answer is demanded, the spontaneity of which is often illuminating. adverb 1. very; extremely: mondo cool. adjective 2. large; big: a mondo history paper. adj. “very much, extreme,” 1979, from Italian mondo “world,” from “Mondo cane,” 1961 film, literally […]

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