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Monkey bike


a very small maneuverable bicycle
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  • Monkey-bread

    noun 1. the gourdlike fruit of the baobab, eaten by monkeys. 2. the tree itself. noun 1. the gourdlike fruit of the baobab tree 2. monkey bread tree, another name for baobab

  • Monkey-block

    noun 1. Nautical. a single block that swivels.

  • Monkey-bridge

    noun, Nautical. 1. . 2. Also called flying gangway. a raised fore-and-aft catwalk permitting safe passage when the weather deck is washed by heavy seas.

  • Monkey-business

    noun 1. frivolous or mischievous behavior. 2. improper or underhanded conduct; trickery. noun 1. (informal) mischievous, suspect, dishonest, or meddlesome behaviour or acts noun phrase Silly, mischievous, or deceitful conduct, as in The teacher told the children to cut out the monkey business and get to work, or I don’t trust that lawyer—there’s some monkey […]

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