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a ball-like knot used as an ornament or as a throwing weight at the end of a line.


Read Also:

  • Monkey-flush

    noun, Poker. 1. three cards of the same suit, usually not in sequence.

  • Monkeygland sauce

    /ˈmʌŋkɪˌɡlænd/ noun 1. (South African) a piquant sauce, made from tomatoes, ketchup, fruit chutney, garlic, spices, etc

  • Monkey in the middle

    noun a child’s game where the person in the center must try to escape the circle or where the person in the center must try to intercept a ball being thrown across the circle (and other chasing game variants); also called pig in the middle

  • Monkey-island

    noun, Nautical Slang. 1. a flying bridge on top of a pilothouse or chart house.

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