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[mon-uh-sahy-kuh l] /ˈmɒn əˌsaɪ kəl/

a one-wheeled vehicle.
another name for unicycle


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    [mon-uh-sahy-klik, -sik-lik] /ˌmɒn əˈsaɪ klɪk, -ˈsɪk lɪk/ adjective 1. having one cycle. 2. Botany. arranged in a single whorl, as the parts of certain flowers. 3. Chemistry. of or relating to a molecular structure containing one ring. /ˌmɒnəʊˈsaɪklɪk/ adjective 1. Also mononuclear. (of a chemical compound) containing only one ring of atoms 2. (of sepals, […]

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    [mon-uh-sahyt] /ˈmɒn əˌsaɪt/ noun, Cell Biology. 1. a large, circulating white blood cell, formed in bone marrow and in the spleen, that ingests large foreign particles and cell debris. /ˈmɒnəʊˌsaɪt/ noun 1. a large phagocytic leucocyte with a spherical nucleus and clear cytoplasm monocyte mon·o·cyte (mŏn’ə-sīt’) n. A large, circulating, phagocytic white blood cell that […]

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    [muhng-kee-shahyn] /ˈmʌŋ kiˌʃaɪn/ noun 1. Usually, monkeyshines. a frivolous or mischievous prank; . n. 1832 (in the “Jim Crow” song), from Monkey + shine.

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