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[mon-uh-mer] /ˈmɒn ə mər/

noun, Chemistry.
a molecule of low molecular weight capable of reacting with identical or different molecules of low molecular weight to form a polymer.
(chem) a compound whose molecules can join together to form a polymer

1914, from mono- + Greek meros “part” (see merit (n.)). Related: Monomerous.

monomeric mon·o·mer·ic (mŏn’ə-měr’ĭk)

monomer mon·o·mer (mŏn’ə-mər)

A molecule that can combine with others of the same kind to form a polymer. Glucose molecules, for example, are monomers that can combine to form the polymer cellulose. Polymers can also be composed of different kinds of monomers.


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