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[mo-nop-ter-uh l, moh-] /mɒˈnɒp tər əl, moʊ-/

having the form of a monopteron.
of or relating to a monopteron.


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  • Monopteron

    [mo-nop-tuh-ron, moh-] /mɒˈnɒp təˌrɒn, moʊ-/ noun, plural monoptera [mo-nop-ter-uh, moh-] /mɒˈnɒp tər ə, moʊ-/ (Show IPA) 1. a classical building having a single outer colonnade surrounding a central structure or a courtyard.

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    [mon-uh-reyl] /ˈmɒn əˌreɪl/ noun 1. a single functioning as a track for wheeled vehicles, as railroad or other cars, balanced upon or suspended from it. 2. a railroad or other transportation system using such a . 3. a vehicle traveling on such a . /ˈmɒnəʊˌreɪl/ noun 1. a single-rail railway, often elevated and with suspended […]

  • Monopteros

    [mo-nop-tuh-ros, moh-] /mɒˈnɒp təˌrɒs, moʊ-/ noun, plural monopteroi [mo-nop-tuh-roi, moh-] /mɒˈnɒp təˌrɔɪ, moʊ-/ (Show IPA) 1. . /mɒnˈɒptəˌrɒs/ noun (pl) -teroi (-təˌrɔɪ), -tera (-tərə) 1. a circular classical building, esp a temple, that has a single ring of columns surrounding it

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    [muh-nawr-kid] /məˈnɔr kɪd/ Pathology adjective 1. having or appearing to have only one testis. noun 2. a monorchid individual. /ˈmɒnɔːkɪd/ adjective 1. having only one testicle noun 2. an animal or person with only one testicle

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