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[mon-uh-vizh-uh n] /ˈmɒn əˌvɪʒ ən/

the condition of seeing with one eye.


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  • Monoxenous

    monoxenous mo·nox·e·nous (mə-nŏk’sə-nəs) adj. Relating to monogenesis; monogenetic.

  • Monoxide

    [mon-ok-sahyd, muh-nok-] /mɒnˈɒk saɪd, məˈnɒk-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. an containing one oxygen atom in each molecule. /mɒˈnɒksaɪd/ noun 1. an oxide that contains one oxygen atom per molecule: carbon monoxide, CO n. “oxide with one oxygen atom in each molecule,” 1869, from mono- + oxide. monoxide mon·ox·ide (mə-nŏk’sīd’) n. An oxide with each molecule containing […]

  • Monozygotic

    [mon-uh-zahy-got-ik] /ˌmɒn ə zaɪˈgɒt ɪk/ adjective 1. developed from a single fertilized ovum, as identical twins. /ˌmɒnəʊzaɪˈɡɒtɪk/ adjective 1. (of twins) derived from a single fertilized ovum, and so identical monozygotic mon·o·zy·got·ic (mŏn’ō-zī-gŏt’ĭk) adj. Derived from a single fertilized ovum or embryonic cell mass. Used especially of identical twins.

  • Monro

    Monro Mon·ro (mən-rō’) Family of Scottish anatomists and educators, including Alexander, (1697-1767), a renowned professor of anatomy at Edinburgh University (from 1720), who helped establish Edinburgh as a center of medical training and his son Alexander, (1733-1817), who worked on methods of surgical anesthesia.

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