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Ashley (Montague Francis Ashley Montagu) 1905–1999, U.S. anthropologist and writer, born in England.
Charles, 1st Earl of Halifax, 1661–1715, British statesman: prime minister 1714–15.
Lady Mary Wortley
[wurt-lee] /ˈwɜrt li/ (Show IPA), (Mary Pierrepont) 1689–1762, English author.
Contemporary Examples

Before departing, the ITTF delegates met one more time, and President Montagu was “reelected without any other nominations.”
How to Hide a Famine with Ping-Pong Nicholas Griffin January 8, 2014

Montagu and the Chinese had carefully chosen the recipients of the journalistic visas.
How to Hide a Famine with Ping-Pong Nicholas Griffin January 8, 2014

Historical Examples

I will betroth her to your nephew, my beloved Montagu’s son.
The Last Of The Barons, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

But the worst of the situation was that there was not one of them but would cry “Montagu!”
A Daughter of Raasay William MacLeod Raine

It was true; but Eric didn’t know that half the kindness which Montagu showed to his brother was shown solely for his sake.
Eric Frederic William Farrar

“I want to find you out,” said Mr. Montagu, steadying his voice.
The Best Short Stories of 1919 Various

Montagu and Digby exchanged many letters, and the latter had several interviews with Richelieu.
Henrietta Maria Henrietta Haynes

He lifted him tenderly, and called to Montagu for the dry clothes.
Eric, or Little by Little Frederic W. Farrar

And, again warmly pressing his hand, Montagu returned to his own study.
Eric, or Little by Little Frederic W. Farrar

He wondered whether Montagu would lend it him, or any other boy?
Eric, or Little by Little Frederic W. Farrar

Charles. See (Earl of) Halifax (sense 2)
Lady Mary Wortley. 1689–1762, English writer, noted for her Letters from the East (1763)


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