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[mon-tuh-rey; Spanish mawn-ter-rey] /ˌmɒn təˈreɪ; Spanish ˌmɔn tɛrˈreɪ/

a city in and the capital of Nuevo León, in NE Mexico: battle 1846.
[nwey-voh ley-ohn, noo-ey-; Spanish nwe-vaw le-awn] /ˈnweɪ voʊ leɪˈoʊn, nuˈeɪ-; Spanish ˈnwɛ vɔ lɛˈɔn/
a state in NE Mexico. 25,136 sq. mi. (65,102 sq. km).
Capital: Monterrey.
/ˌmɒntəˈreɪ; Spanish mɔntɛˈrrɛi/
a city in NE Mexico, capital of Nuevo Léon state: the third largest city in Mexico; a major industrial centre, esp for metals. Pop: 1 353 000 (2005 est)
/ˈnweɪvəʊ leɪˈəʊn; nuːˈeɪ-; Spanish ˈnweβo leˈɔn/
a state of NE Mexico: the first centre of heavy industry in Latin America. Capital: Monterrey. Pop: 3 826 240 (2000). Area: 64 555 sq km (24 925 sq miles)


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