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[mon-tree-awl, muhn-] /ˌmɒn triˈɔl, ˌmʌn-/

a seaport in S Quebec, in E Canada, on an island (Montreal Island) in the St. Lawrence.
a city and major port in central Canada, in S Quebec on Montreal Island at the junction of the Ottawa and St Lawrence Rivers. Pop: 1 039 534 (2001) French name Montréal (mɔ̃real)

city in Canada, originally Ville Marie de Montréal, settled by the French 1642, named for the hill on which it was built, Mont Réal, in French literally “royal mount;” named 1534 by Jacques Cartier in honor of Francis I. Related: Montrealer.

City in southern Quebec province, Canada, on Montreal Island in the St. Lawrence River; a cultural, commercial, financial, and industrial center.

Note: Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris, and the second-largest city in Canada, after Toronto.

Note: It lies at the foot of Mount Royal, for which it is named.


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