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[mon-yuh-men-tl] /ˌmɒn yəˈmɛn tl/

resembling a ; massive or imposing.
exceptionally great, as in quantity, quality, extent, or degree:
a monumental work.
of historical or enduring significance:
a monumental victory.
Fine Arts. having the quality of being larger than life; of heroic scale.
of or relating to a or .
serving as a .
like a monument, esp in large size, endurance, or importance: a monumental work of art
of, relating to, or being a monument
(informal) (intensifier): monumental stupidity

c.1600, “pertaining to a monument,” from Late Latin monumentalis “pertaining to a monument,” from monumentum (see monument). From 1650s in the loose sense of “vast, stupendous.” Related: Monumentally.


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