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[moo-luh] /ˈmu lə/

noun, Slang.


Money: So put a little moola in your portfolio and get yourself a cash cow/ He who rips off jazz makes mucho moolah

[1920+; origin unknown]


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  • Mooli

    /ˈmuːlɪ/ noun 1. a type of large white radish

  • Mools

    [mool] /mul/ noun, Scot. and North England. 1. soft, crumbly soil rich in mold or humus. 2. earth from or for a grave. 3. a grave.

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    [mool-vee] /ˈmul vi/ noun 1. .

  • Moolvie

    /ˈmuːlviː/ noun 1. (esp in India) a Muslim doctor of the law, teacher, or learned man also used as a title of respect

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