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[moon-shot] /ˈmunˌʃɒt/

the act or procedure of launching a rocket or spacecraft to the .
the launching of a spacecraft, rocket, etc, to the moon

1958, from moon (n.) + shot (n.).


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  • Moonstruck

    [moon-struhk] /ˈmunˌstrʌk/ adjective 1. mentally deranged, supposedly by the influence of the ; crazed. 2. dreamily romantic or bemused. /ˈmuːnˌstrʌk/ adjective 1. deranged or mad adj. 1670s, from moon (n.) + struck (see strike (v.)). Cf. Greek selenobletos. For sense, cf. moon (v.). Perhaps coined by Milton.

  • Moonstone

    [moon-stohn] /ˈmunˌstoʊn/ noun 1. Also called precious moonstone. a semitransparent or translucent, opalescent, pearly-blue variety of adularia, used as a gem. 2. any of several adularescent feldspars, as certain varieties of albite, labradorite, or oligoclase, used as gems. 3. (not used technically) any milky or girasol used as a gem. /ˈmuːnˌstəʊn/ noun 1. a gem […]

  • Moonwalk

    [moon-wawk] /ˈmunˌwɔk/ noun 1. an exploratory by an astronaut on the surface of the . verb (used without object) 2. (of an astronaut) to on the surface of the . n. “a walking on the moon,” 1966, from moon (n.) + walk (n.).

  • Moonward

    [moon-werd] /ˈmun wərd/ adverb 1. Also, moonwards. toward the : turned their eyes moonward. adjective 2. directed toward the : the moonward flight of the rocket.

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