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[moon-rok] /ˈmunˌrɒk/

a sample of lunar material.


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  • Moonroof

    [moon-roof, -roo f] /ˈmunˌruf, -ˌrʊf/ noun, plural moonroofs. 1. a transparent section of an automobile that can be propped open, removed entirely, or remain fixed within the . noun a permanent window on the roof of a vehicle Word Origin after sunroof, which can be opened

  • Moonscape

    [moon-skeyp] /ˈmunˌskeɪp/ noun 1. the general appearance of the surface of the . 2. an artistic representation of it. 3. a land area that resembles the surface of the , especially in barrenness and desolation. /ˈmuːnˌskeɪp/ noun 1. the general surface of the moon or a representation of it n. 1926, from moon (n.) + […]

  • Moonseed

    [moon-seed] /ˈmunˌsid/ noun 1. any climbing plant of the genus Menispermum, having greenish-white flowers and crescent-shaped . 2. . /ˈmuːnˌsiːd/ noun 1. any menispermaceous climbing plant of the genus Menispermum and related genera, having red or black fruits with crescent-shaped or ring-shaped seeds

  • Moonset

    [moon-set] /ˈmunˌsɛt/ noun 1. the setting of the below the horizon. 2. the time at which the disappears below the horizon. /ˈmuːnˌsɛt/ noun 1. the moment when the moon disappears below the horizon

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